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Comes included with a titanium coaster!

Enjoy a drink with a ritzy titanium tumbler. This tumblered will keep drinks warm and cool due to its double wall. A perfect compact size for everyday use that feels great in your hand. The camouflage pattern on the surface creates a beautiful lustre and enhances the etched designs, while giving the tumbler a silky fee.

Four great features of this product: long-lasting, delightful, safe and clean. Long-lasting as titanium will not rust, delightful as titanium will not ionize and alter the taste of the contents, safe as it is non-allergenic and clean due to the antibacterial photocatalytic effect produced by the titanium dioxide finish. Leave this tumbler out under natural or artificial light to dry, and maintain a hygienic tumbler.


Materialpure titanium


The inside of this tumbler is matted which helps the development of a frothy foam when pouring beer. Enjoy a frothy head of beer with this premium light tumbler.

The key point of this titanium tumbler is the welding technology involved in creating double walled tumbler with a thin lip. Engineers at HORIE have developed a method of developing a very thin lip while being double walled, with a smooth polished finish. Users will not be distracted by the thickness of this tumbler.