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Original ID etchings

Have your ID details or text of your choosing etched onto one of our titanium products, and make it into your own personal item or gift. Different from laser etchings, the text emerges from the surface, allowing the details to be clearly seen.

Currently, we are accepting orders for text, ID etchings on our ID tags, Pill cases, Buddha charm, and license plate keychains. When purchasing one of the following products, please also include your requested text or information to be etched. For requests for etchings on other products, or products of your own design, please contact us via email for more inquiries.

Buddha charm necklace

Buddha Charm Necklace

According to your birth year, it is said that each person has their own protecting Buddha. Which Buddha is your protector? Why not try a Buddha charm necklace for some positive energy and luck?

Pill case

Pill Case

Have your emergency details etched onto the pill case, and carry your emergency pills with a bit of titanium protection.

Id tag

ID Tag

Have your details etched onto a small titanium plate. Carry it around your neck as a necklace or as a keychain.

License plate keychain

License plate keychain

Attach your car keys to your own personal small titanium license plate, with your details, and/or vehicle.