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Made from lightweight, durable and corrosion free titanium. Titanium is also biocompatable, so people with metal allergies and sensitive skin can also enjoy this product. This material is well recognized and currently used in rockets, planes, sporting equipment, bicycles, medical equipment, and jewelry.

Fantastic gradation color and a aurora blue interior which slightly changes color according to the light. Fine embossing on the surface produces a high value feeling, while there are other benefits such as being lightweight, biocompatable, thermal efficient, and rustfree.

Materialpure titanium


Maintaining great taste

Titanium is a corrosion free material, so you will never get a metallic taste when drinking from our beer cup. Hence, you can enjoy the true taste of your beverage. Also, on the inside wall of this beer cup are microscopic irregularities which promote smaller bubbles which results in a creamier head of beer. Also the thin and smoothly angled rim of cup fits perfectly between the lips, allowing for a much milder taste of your drink.


One of the great features with our titanium beer cup is the brilliant colors. The colors are not sprayed on, but are produced by our own unique technology of altering the thickness of the oxidized titanium surface (TiO2).


T-02-G (Green)
T-02-G (Green)
T-02-B (Blue)
T-02-B (Blue)