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HORIE workmanship

At HORIE corporation, we aim to design and develop our own original products from daily research and development.

One example of our original products is our "Antibacterial photocatalysis titanium earrings", which is a first for this industry. Our antibacterial photocatalysis earrings have antiseptic properties, which can dismsss foul smells which are created from a build up of bacteria, and also all the benefits of titanium; being corrosion-resistant, lightweight, tough and biocompatible (causes no skin allergies).

Our titanium coloring process is fully computer controlled, so we are capable of reproducing the same colors 100%.

HORIE Co. has also developed many other original technologies, such as titanium etching and masking.

HORIE Corporation is a research and development company that produces their own unique products, as well as developing their own technologies and production systems.

As all of our products are HORIE originals, most of all our equipment have also been developed by ourselves. Our own designed and developed eqiupment also enables us to produce better products with better quality.

Screen Process
Screen Process
We are very skilled at screen printing on curved surfaces, as well as flat surfaces. HORIE can print on three-dimensional solid objects and even on portion which protrude, by utilizing our own original screen printing method.
Masking process
Masking Process
We have achieved high level of masking surface treatment, by developing our own strong anti-chemical masking materials. Our masking process involves various, highly complex technologies, which include masking to produce multi-colored titanium, which are used on our Titanium Art series and also for our large titanium monuments.
Color process
Color Process
We are capable of coloring titanium with the colors from the optical color spectrum (rainbow), with a transparent oxidized titanium film placed on the target titanium object. The color is determined by the thickness of the oxidized films utilized, and this oxidized film also produces photocatalytic antibacterial effects.
Etching Process
During the development of our etching process, we have come to realise that corroding titanium is awfully difficult. And from that development, we have more dreams and potential possibilities with new titanium products.
Complex Technology
HORIE corporation has combined numerous types of inhouse developed technology to produce new valuable products and continues to develop new titanium processing techniques.
research and development
Research and Development
Continual effort is applied into research and development to further our titanium processing technology. For example, we can achieve 100% controlled color reproductions on titanium, due to data accumulated from using scanning electron microscopes at HORIE corporation.