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Combining various proprietary processing techniques, we have achieved a fresh and unique finish. A wide range of sizes and forms are available.


diameter 70mm x height 135mm, volume 350ml
Lightdiameter 70mm x height 105mm, volume 270ml
Nagomidiameter 73mm x height 100mm, volume 250ml
Beer rockdiameter 82mm x height 115mm, volume 400ml


Double walled for better insulation

With its double walled feature, ice will keep longer and the surface of the tumbler will receive less condensation. Our welding technology allows us to create really thin lip to the tumbler, creating a great sense of intamacy with your drink. And eeven for hot drinks, no fear of burning your hands.

Smooth foam/head/collar

With our special finish on the inside of the tumbler, the microscopic surface undulation will help produce finer bubbles. Enjoy smooth white mousse-like beer head with this tumbler.